In this second installment of Smokin’ Gun Worx Informational articles, we review the assisted opening Benchmade Claymore knife.

An Introduction to Benchmade

Benchmade is a wonderful company based in Oregon USA. They have an outstanding line of knives, from utilitarian to collector knives. The Claymore is one of their newest models, released in 2021.

Smokin’ Gun Worx is an Authorized Dealer of Benchmade Knives and we highly recommend their products.

The Claymore Assisted Opening Knife

The Benchmade Claymore is what is known as an “assisted opening” knife, meaning an internal mechanism will deploy the blade at the push of a button. This type of weapon is also known as a “spring loaded” or “spring assisted” knife.

The Claymore is made of premium materials, with a 5 inch grivory handle and a 3.6 inch CPM-D2 drop point serrated blade.

This knife has a safety feature which locks the blade in place while not in use, so there is no risk of accidental deployment. When the lock is deactivated, there will be a red dot indicating ready to fire. The blade folds back in by depressing the locking button.

The Claymore is extremely durable and maintenance is easy. You can clean the knife with just soap and water.

Are Spring Assisted Knives Legal in Illinois?

Yes, they are! Thanks to retired Senator Tim Bivins. Illinois law now states it is legal to possess and carry spring loaded knives if you have a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. (Note: weapon laws vary by state and it is important to check your state’s knife laws before making the decision to own or carry spring assisted knives.)

Spring loaded knives are convenient to carry and to use, making them a favorite of many. If you are interested in purchasing the Benchmade Claymore knife, stop in and see us at Smokin’ Gun Worx in Forreston, IL or call us at (815) 938-3006.

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