Are you looking for a self-defense weapon that is compact and accurate? Look no further than a Bond Arms Ranger II! 

In today’s article we will be reviewing this derringer revolver. We will share some of our favorite Bond Arms features, a brief description of a derringer handgun, as well as why we feel the Ranger II is an excellent choice for personal safety and defense. 

Check out the video on this page for additional discussion between Doc & Tim on Bond Arms revolvers and the Ranger II.

What Is New with Bond Arms?

There has been a definite comeback in interest for these weapons as of late. Bond Arms derringers are a popular choice due to their simplicity, their wide variety of calibers, and their accuracy at self-defense ranges. 

But what really makes Bond Arms the obvious choice is their quality. These are not like the cheap derringer revolvers of old. You can feel the difference in the heavy gauge stainless steel double-barrel and frame. 

You will not feel like you’re carrying a toy gun when you own a Bond Arms firearm!

What Are Derringer Revolvers Good For?

A derringer is a small pistol that has a large bore and is very effective at close range, making it ideal for concealed carry. Others prefer derringers as their backup weapon.

But don’t let their size fool you – these “pocket pistols” pack a serious punch! For example, the Ranger II is able fire up to 3” .410 shot shells and .45 Colt (also available in .357Mag / .38Spl)

How should you conceal your derringer? There are several holster styles to choose from. We recommend a leather holster as we find they are the most comfortable. 

Review of the Bond Arms Ranger II

The Ranger II is an intimidating weapon for close-up, personal defense. It has surpassed its predecessor with the addition of a removable trigger guard, a feature that was not included on the original Ranger model. 

Like all Bond Arms handguns, the Ranger II has a cross-bolt safety which blocks the hammer and prevents accidental discharge of the weapon. 

This single-action pistol is compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels, which means the Ranger II has the ability to transform down to a .22 caliber. That will excite just about any gun enthusiast!

The final icing on the cake comes in the extended grip with a metal lone star badge insert. We appreciate this attention to detail.

Bond Arms is a great company to deal with. All weapons are tested for performance. In our experience, these firearms are trustworthy and free of malfunctions.

Bond Arms Derringers for Sale and Where to Buy

Due to the popularity of these handguns, they do not last long on our shelves!

At the time of writing this article, Smokin’ Gun Worx does have several of these guns in stock. Visit our online store to see our current selection. 

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