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Is an Empty Chamber Dangerous?

By USCCA 03/02/2022 Some who concealed carry are nervous to carry their handgun with a round in the chamber. Why might that be? Is it safer to carry with a chambered round or without a cartridge loaded? Kevin Michalowski, director of content for the U.S. Concealed...

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A New Face of American Gun Ownership

A New Face of American Gun Ownership

Black women are arming themselves — and pushing against stereotypes of who owns firearms. By Agya K. Aning Feb 28, 2022 Photo-Illustration: Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Getty Images, Ash Ponders / The Trace This story was produced in partnership with The Cut....

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Do .22 LR Pistols Make Sense for Self-Defense?

Here's a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of these compact rimfire pistols. by B. GIL HORMAN posted on August 31, 2020 NEWS, CONCEALED CARRY, FIREARMS Support NRA Women DONATE Over the last few months we've seen the launch of new handguns chambered for...

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[Guide] Sight Picture & Eye Dominance: Shoot Better

Ready to shoot faster and more accurately? Sig P365 SAS We’ll take a look at eye dominance, sight picture, & trigger pull to finish off shooting fundamentals. Eye Dominance Eyes can be dominant just as with hands and legs and an important part of shooting...

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WHAT IS A GUN TRUST?  LEGAL ASSISTANT NOVEMBER 24, 2019 BUSINESS LAW,  RESOURCES LEAVE A COMMENT Made a mistake when inheriting an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)? Then this could mean facing the music by dealing with tax consequences. Likewise, if you make a...

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After a Shooting: The Legal Process Begins

By USCCA 06/05/2019 After a Shooting: The Legal Process Begins You’re out of custody, but you’re not out of the woods. You won’t have your firearm, and there may be some bond conditions. The cops are confident enough to let you out of custody. This is a good sign —...

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223 vs 5.56 — What’s the difference?

.223 vs 5.56, these rounds are considered interchangeable by most shooters, but the truth is they’re not identical. Actually, there are wide variety of rounds that can be called either .223 or 5.56, but this discussion focuses on the two most popular cartridges, the...

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Back to Basics: How to Use Iron Sights On a Rifle

Quality iron sights are simple, lightweight, and surprisingly accurate out to 200 yards BY DAVID E. PETZAL | PUBLISHED AUG 2, 2021 12:00 PM I got interested in guns in the early 1950s, at just about the time that scopes were being generally accepted. They were, for...

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