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S&W M&P12 & Supreme Court to Hear Gun Rights Lawsuit

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Back in August of this year Smith & Wesson for the first time rolled out a shotgun for home defense called the M&P12 bullpup shotgun.

While the M&P brand has been long known for its extensive lineup of self-defense, duty and concealed-carry handguns, as well as AR-15 rifles, the 12-ga. bullpup-style shotgun is the first such offering from Smith & Wesson.

The Smith & Wesson M&P12 shotgun is a pump-action design built with two separate magazine tubes. Each magazine tube is outfitted with a load-assist button that makes loading and unloading fast and easy. Capacity is seven rounds when filled with standard 2 3/4″ shotshells and six rounds with 3″ magnum shells. The M&P12 will also accommodate and function reliably with mini shells, too, thereby increasing magazine capacity. A push-button selector switch allows users to quickly select which tube feeds the action, and the highly visible selector makes it clear which tube is being used.

Controls on the Smith & Wesson M&P12 are bilateral, giving left- and right-handed shooters an oversized bolt release accessible from either side of the action. There’s also an AR-style safety selector. One of the highlights of the new design is the inclusion of an M&P grip, which accepts included M&P palmswell grip inserts. M-Lok attachment slots on the barrel shroud make it easy to attach lights, lasers and other accessories. Modified and cylinder-bore choke tubes are included with the M&P12 shotgun, as well as a choke-tube wrench and a hard-sided, foam-lined carrying case. The suggested retail price on the new shotgun is $1,165.

Meanwhile The Supreme Court is slated to decide on cases related to several hot-button issues during the term that begins Monday, including abortion, gun rights, and school vouchers.

On Nov. 3, the court will decide in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association vs. Bruen, whether the state of New York can order citizens who want a concealed carry license to demonstrate a good reason for having one.

The ruling would also impact concealed carry restrictions in California, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

The court will also decide if Maine can exclude religious schools from a state tuition program, and decide on challenges to President Biden’s vaccine mandate, as well as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) for immigrants, and a case regarding the death penalty sentence of the Boston Marathon bomber, and the court will also take up a case on abortion rights.

It will be one of the most controversial sessions of the Supreme Court in decades and their decisions will leave a lasting impact on this country.

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For the Gun Doctor I’m Tim Bivins

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