Executive Directors Message
Richard Pearson

The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2020 is out.  In 2020, legally armed citizens killed more criminals than the police.  Armed citizens killed 343 criminals and the police killed 298 criminals.  There are differences between the two numbers.  I don’t have the exact figures but when a legally armed citizen kills a criminal he or she is in defense of their own life or the life of another.  They are stopping a crime and they are also preventing further crimes from being committed.  In the case where the police have to arrest someone and they are shot and killed, it is because they have already committed a crime and have left victims who have been killed, injured, maimed, mentally injured or in some cases, scarred for life.  Seldom are the police able to intervene during the commission of a crime.In the United States, legally armed citizens defend themselves every day.  Those stories are most often never reported in the media.  An acquaintance of mine just attended a workshop for reporters.  He was told that most news outlets refuse to publish or air self-defense stories because the news organization has a policy against publishing such stories.

These days there are TV shows about people who have become victims.  These people were not prepared to defend themselves.  They often make stupid mistakes because they were naive or because they were certain it would never happen to them.  I am not saying that if you are prepared nothing will happen to you but you and your loved ones will most certainly have a far better chance.  These shows often portray the victims as achieving some noble status.  That is nonsense, there is nothing noble about being a victim.

Smith & Wesson has announced they will be kicking Massachusetts to the curb and moving to Tennessee.  Smith & Wesson has been in Massachusetts since 1852 but wacky gun laws and overregulation by know nothing bureaucrats have driven them out.  I have noticed that when companies move, it takes them a little while to get going but once they do, they do better than ever.

Many firearm and firearm related companies have moved in recent years.  Here is a list of the ones I know about:

  • Les Baer moved from Illinois to Iowa.
  • Lewis Machine and Tool moved from Illinois to Iowa.
  • Olin Corporation moved some ammunition production to Mississippi and built a new plant in Mississippi.
  • Kimber moved from New York to Alabama.
  • Remington was broken up and there are plants in Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee.
  • Strum Ruger moved out of the Northeast and is now in Arizona and North Carolina.
  • American Tactile Imports moved from New York to South Carolina.
  • Beretta will move to Tennessee from Maryland.
  • Magpul Industries moved from Colorado to Wyoming.
  • Weatherby moved from California to Wyoming.
  • Stag Arms moved from Connecticut to Wyoming.
  • Kahr Arms moved from New York to Pennsylvania.

What we are seeing is a migration of major American firearms and ammunition manufacturers.  There are many firearm related companies in North and South Dakota, Missouri, Texas and in the states listed above.  I expect many new startup companies to go to those states also.  These companies also supply the U.S. Military with firearms and ammunition.  NATO countries also buy from some of these U.S. manufacturers.  We are talking about billions of dollars being brought into those states both from the U.S. Military and foreign countries.  I am glad bone-headed states are losing big time.  Barrett Manufacturing, makers of the .50 caliber guns, will not sell to those states where .50s are banned.  In fact, the state of California had .50s at Barrett for repair when California passed their 50-caliber ban.  Barrett sent them back and would not repair them.  That give anyone ideas?

The first Monday in October is when the Supreme Court of the United States convenes.  This session has a lot on the line for gun owners and the Second Amendment.  The New York Rifle and Pistol Association v Bruen is the big one.  This case seeks to affirm the right of law-abiding individuals to transport or carry a firearm outside the home for lawful purposes.  The ISRA is one of several state associations which have filed an amicus brief (friend of the court) in support of the NYR&Ps lawsuit.  If gun owners and Second Amendment supporters receive a favorable ruling, it will be a milestone for gun rights.

Here are two more reasons why this case is important.  First, it would make perfectly clear that the Second Amendment applies outside the home in so-called “may issue” states.  It would stop the practice of anti-gun bureaucrats denying concealed carry permits just because they want to.  In “may issue” states, you have to have a good or compelling reason to get a concealed carry permit.  Of course, no reason is ever good enough.  In New Jersey, a woman had been attacked several times and feared for her life.  She tried repeatedly to get a concealed carry permit.  She was murdered.  New Jersey swept it under the rug; they clearly did not care.  The bureaucrat(s) that denied her should have been charged with accessory to murder.  Secondly, another part of this suit is to end excessive waiting periods.  One of the anti-gun strategies is to discourage gun ownership by excessive waiting periods.  This case will help us if they win.  Do not make the mistake of thinking a victory here will be the end of finally taking care of the Second Amendment fight.  The anti-gun side will attack us in every way possible and they have the money to do it.  They will try to get away with anything they can.

Mark your calendar for the 2021 ISRA Annual Sighting-In Day which will be held on Saturday, October 23rd from 10:00 – 3:00 at our Range.  Sight-in your shotgun, rifle, pistol, muzzleloader or bow.  $10.00 per firearm, open to the public, free parking.  No ammunition is available on premises.