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Juggernaut Tactical, a gun manufacturer in Orange California, makes some pretty fine-looking rifles. Their Featureless Series includes the F-9, F10, F-15 with a newly designed lower receiver which drops the exposed portion of the trigger which allows you to keep a standard pistol grip while remaining featureless. The velocity MPC drop-in trigger paired with their custom stainless steel straight-knurled trigger shoe gives a comfortable feel that’s unlike anything else.

The Featureless Rifle Series run from $1,299 up to $1,899 that is if you can find one. A search of their website lists all F series as out of stock.

These days that wouldn’t surprise anyone that a manufacturer would be short of stock but there may be another reason at play that’s causing the shortage.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta sent a cease and desist letter to stop Orange County-based firearm manufacturer Juggernaut Tactical from selling and distributing the Featureless Series of Rifles. The Attorney General warned the company that its “Featureless Series” of rifles qualify as assault weapons, and are therefore unlawful to possess, manufacture, distribute, transport, import, keep for sale, offer for sale, or display for sale under California law.

Following the cease-and-desist letter, Attorney General Bonta also issued a bulletin to all criminal justice and law enforcement agencies, firearms dealers, firearm manufacturers, and exempt federal firearms licensees in the state advising them that the weapons are illegal and should not be sold in the state.

In the cease-and-desist letter to Juggernaut, Attorney General Bonta directed the company to immediately stop selling the assault weapons and warned that the continued sale of the firearms could be a felony punishable by up to eight years in prison.

Bonta requested proof of Juggernaut’s intention to comply with the cease-and-desist letter by demonstrating how it would immediately do the following:

Stop offering for sale on its website the F-9, F-10, and F-15 rifles;

Cancel all pending purchases of the F series from its website;

Notify anyone who has completed an online purchase that they are in violation of California law; and retrieve and recover all F-9, F-10, and F-15 rifles already delivered to any California firearms dealer or any other entity that would sell the rifles in California.

So while some government officials harass law abiding citizens instead of focusing on the criminals, a Louisiana mom was left to fend for herself.

Charise Taylor an Air Force veteran pulled a gun on a man who tried to get into her car while she was sitting in stopped traffic with her 2-year-old son.

” Taylor who served in Iraq and Afghanistan said “you shouldn’t have to navigate your own city like a war zone. It’s un-American.” “The crime is out of control and it’s terrifying. At this point, having to use the same tactics in an American city that you use in Iraq and Afghanistan simply to navigate through the city, it’s scary, and I’m not the only mom feeling this way.”

Taylor said she was on her way to pick up her husband on Friday in New Orleans when she got stuck in traffic on Interstate 10. While navigating the backup, a group of people in a truck motioned to her to let them into her lane. She let them in, but soon after a man came up to her passenger door and began pulling on the handle.

She picked up her gun and recalled warning him: “It’s locked and loaded.”

The suspect ran off and she was not forced to fire her weapon – though she said she was ready to do so in order to protect her son. She filed a police report but said she was left troubled that the incident was only classified as a “disturbance”. The New Orleans Police Department is investigating the incident.

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For the Gun Doctor I’m Tim Bivins.

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