If you’re still on the fence about joining forces with the USCCA, I think this story may help!

Now, Richard is a USCCA Member and concealed carry permit holder who lives with his wife in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, Michigan…

And because of the lifesaving education and training that came with his membership, he was trained to avoid danger, save lives and keep his family safe.

Richard was prepared, confident and knew what to do before, during and after a self-defense incident.

Here’s why this is SO important…

After weeks of just scraping by from being laid off work, Richard came home from an interview excited to tell his wife that he got offered his dream job, right on the SPOT!

With brighter days and a steady paycheck on the horizon, they invited some family over for a cookout to celebrate their good news.

But this is where his story takes a sharp turn for the worse…

While the burgers were cooking on the grill, Richard’s brother went around to the front of the house to get something out of his car.

A few minutes passed, he hadn’t returned to the party and suddenly everyone heard raised voices coming from the front yard.

When Richard went to see what was going on, he discovered that some thugs had caught his brother off guard … and when he refused being carjacked, one of them proceeded to beat him severely in the head with a wooden baseball bat!

Richard clearly could see that if he didn’t act soon, his brother wasn’t going to survive.

He quickly retrieved his concealed carry firearm and headed out the front door shouting commands, but the attacker refused to stop…

Richard knew he had no other choice, so he drew his firearm and finally, the heinous criminals bolted.

I wish I could say that the police and ambulance arrived shortly thereafter and Richard was hailed as a hero … but that wasn’t the case.

Even though Richard stopped the carjacking and saved his brother’s life without even firing a shot, HE was the one who was arrested!

He was dragged away like a criminal with his bloody brother lying on the ground and his frightened wife crying in the doorway.

Shortly after arriving at the police station, he was charged and thrown in jail because he couldn’t afford the massive bail bond that the judge imposed on him … and this is despite the fact that he had been involved in a lawful self-defense incident.

Can you imagine how he was feeling?

But because Richard was a USCCA Member, he was able to make a call to the 24/7 Critical Response Team…

Thanks to the self-defense liability insurance⁰ all members get, he was able to pay his bail, get connected with a pro-2A attorney in his area and keep his wife and family updated the entire time.

Want to know the best parts, though?

His brother SURVIVED thanks to Richard’s decision to be prepared…

…and Richard’s attorney made it all go away so quickly and seamlessly for him that he was back home in less than 24 hours and able to start his brand new job Monday morning!

You see, Richard is just ONE of many responsibly armed USCCA Members that have avoided or survived an otherwise deadly encounter and gotten to continue on with their lives over the years.

If you’d like to become better prepared, like Richard click on the link below.


Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
USCCA President

P.S. – Just remember what this is REALLY about…

The minute you become a USCCA Member, you’ll be on the right path to becoming better prepared for the unthinkable.

You’ll learn how to avoid danger, save lives and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

This is about gaining peace of mind knowing that you’re ready with the appropriate education and training…