AR Cleaning & Maintenance

Learn NRA’s & NSSF Rules for Safe Gun Handling & Shooting Fundamentals

Curious about how to disassemble, clean and maintain your AR? Join us in this 2-hour class where you will learn how to disassemble and maintain your AR rifle safely and properly. We will show you areas to inspect, clean, and properly lubricate.

You will be hands on with your firearm, so you learn for yourself where to properly clean and lubricate. We’ll explain the parts of the firearm, how to take it apart and properly re-assemble it, and then how to do a proper function check to ensure the firearm is still in working order.  If you find any parts that need replacing, we can help you!

Bring your firearm, one empty magazine, cleaning kit and a cleaning mat. If you do not have a cleaning kit or mat, you can always purchase one at Smokin Gun Worx. Remember a clean firearm is less likely to malfunction!

Course Topics: Firearm controls, Disassembly/re-assembly, Safety Inspection, Identify parts for wear, Cleaning & Maintenance, Lubrication, Storage & Carry

Required to Bring: AR, 1 Empty Magazine, Cleaning Kit, Cleaning Mat

Recommended Equipment: Disposable blue shop towels, Disposable gloves

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Age Requirements: All ages welcome
Instructor: Tom Quello
Class Fee: $65.00
Time: 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Upcoming Dates: December 28th





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