ISRA Thursday Bulletin – July 29, 2021



Executive Directors Message
Richard Pearson

July is somehow slipping away and we are in the dog days of summer.  We have a while yet but Fall is creeping upon us.  Sunday marks the beginning of hunting season.  If you are a first-time buyer of a hunting license, get it now.  The IDNR has had a few glitches in its new licensing system.  To err is human but to really screw things up, computerize it.  I remember going down to the hardware store and Shirley or Virgil would sell you a hunting or fishing license on the spot.  You could also get hooks, bobbers, fishing line, shotgun shells or .22s and be out the door in a few minutes.  We sure have improved things, haven’t we?  Federal Duck Stamps are out for the 2021-2022 season.  The regular stamp has a lesser scaup drake on it and the junior stamp features a pair of hooded mergansers.  Duck stamps raise about 40 million dollars a year for conservation.  Don’t forget to buy them.

The prospects for the 2021 Grand American Trapshooting Championship look bright.  The Grand American will be back in Sparta, Illinois, this year.  Last year, it was moved to Missouri due to Covid-19.  All of the 1200 camping spots on the World Sport Shooting Complex are filled.  All the major shot shell vendors will be there in full force and there will be plenty of shells available.  If you are looking for trap and skeet loads, that is the place to go.  The Grand American will run from August 4th to the 14th.

The AIM Program (youth program) runs from Thursday July 29 to August 1.  AIM stands for Academics, Integrity and Marksmanship and is open to those 22 and under.  I am now going to climb on my high horse.  Junior shooting programs are absolutely wonderful for kids.  The acronym AIM emphasizes the very things that make kids into upstanding responsible adults.  Whether it is trapshooting, small-bore rifle shooting, high power rifle, air gun or pistol shooting, those who run these programs have the same high standards they teach the kids.  The ISRA and its wonderful volunteers help sponsor the AIM 3-gun program being held at Sparta this weekend.  I am proud to be a small part of it.  Next time you see one of those coaches, instructors or volunteers that help with any of the shooting sports, thank them.  They don’t get paid, they do it for the love of the sport and because they want to help the next generation.  Before I get off my high horse, I want to remind everyone that you don’t have to be seven feet tall, run the 100-yard dash in nine seconds or weigh 400 pounds to be good at one or more of the shooting sports.  Shooting is a lifetime sport and it is a family sport.  Dismount.

The Smallbore (.22 rimfire) Championships are in progress at Camp Perry, Ohio, and the ISRA Junior teams are doing well, in fact, very well.  Our three-position team (standing, kneeling and prone) brought home the gold medal.  They beat not only the other junior teams, but everyone else as well.

ISRA Junior team results: ISRA Junior team – 1st place State Association Team; 2nd place all junior teams.  One ISRA Junior 1st place Metallic Sight; 2nd place Scoped Sight; 2nd place overall Prone Junior Champion.

In the Freedom Fire two-person team matches, the ISRA had three teams entered, ISRA Red, ISRA White and ISRA Blue.   ISRA Red took second place, ISRA Blue took 14th and ISRA White took 27th.  Nice going!

I have been asked why I don’t report the names of the ISRA team members.  It is because they are still there and aren’t home yet.  The same reason smart people don’t tell the world where they are going on vacation or where they are.  Wait until they get back.

For those looking to advance their pistol training, Midwest Training Group (MTG) will be holding an Advanced Tactical Pistol Class at our Range on August 28 & 29.   Designed for the advanced student, this program addresses the tactical matters and concerns that accompany defensive shooting along with very advanced skill sets.  For more information on this class, contact: andy1911@imaxmail.net.

Ammo Quest: This week ammunition prices dropped once again.  They are not the “good old days” but they are better.  I was able to find 9mm online for 37.8 cents a round.   This was steel case by Wolf Ammunition.  I stopped in Scheels in Springfield and was able to buy Winchester white box 9mm for 40 cents a round.  Scheels had several brands and most calibers except .380.  That could change anytime. The limit was five boxes but they were 100 round boxes.  I hear some of the “farm stores” in Illinois have ammunition but it is still spotty.

Rifle ammunition dropped online.  PMC .223 brass was 59 cents a round for 55 grain FMJ.  The steel cast ammunition was lower.  Red Army steel case was 43 cents a round online.  I would guess local retailers will be getting in supplies soon.

Springfield Armory has introduced a new 1911 called the Emissary.  The pistol has a hammer forged bull barrel and frame.  I have only seen the pistol online bet it really looks good.  Check it out on the Springfield Armory website.

President Biden admitted his desire to eliminate not only semi-automatic rifles but also 9mm handguns during a CNN Town Hall.  These “Bidenisms” actually reveal more of the truth than what the President and his mouth pieces claim is the truth.  The White House puppeteers had to admit that it would be tough to walk his statements back.  I’m going to bet that somewhere in the bowels of the Biden political machine, there is a rather large “walk back” department.  What do you think?