1-on-1 Instruction

Do you own a firearm? Are you confident in handling it safely?

Can you hit the target every time?

Here at Smokin Gun Worx we offer one on one lessons with a certified instructor. Whether you are a new shooter or would like to refresh your fundamentals, We can help you get on target. Instruction will focus on fundamentals such as grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, breath and trigger control. With all the new gun owners out there, this instruction is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of shooting a firearm safely and proficiently. A one on one hour long session with a private instructor is $65 and $ 85 for a couple. Range fee included.

We encourage participants to bring their own firearm through we do have rentals available if needed. Eye and ear protection is required, if you do not have your own we do have some available for purchase.

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Age Requirements: All ages welcome
Instructor: Michael Lawver
Class Fee: $ 65 | $85
Time: Appointments Only
Upcoming Dates: Any





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