Learn how to use your firearms – safely and accurately.

One of the things that sets Smokin Gun Worx apart from other gun shops in the northern IL region is our wide selection of firearm training and firearm safety classes. Whether you’re a new gun owner or want to brush up on your firearm skills, Smokin Gun Worx has a class for you.

Beginner Firearm Training

Are you new to firearms? Just purchased your first gun, or thinking about it, and want to learn what to do and what not to do? Then consider taking one of our beginner and intro classes.

We offer several different beginning-level classes

  • Gun Curious for the shooter that wants a taste of what is ahead,
  • Youth Firearm Safety Classes, for shooters aged 8 to 17.
  • NRA/NSSF Basic Pistol Class, which teaches basic NRA gun handling and firearm safety to shooters of all ages.
  • NRA Beginning Rifle Class, which teaches basic NRA safe handling rules for semi auto, bolt action, pump action and lever action rifles.
  • Laser Pistol Simulation Training, learn threat recognition, verbal skills, legal force and accuracy in our simulator using laser pistols. 

All of these classes offer a mix of classroom training and range time. Any of these classes will help make you a better and safer shooter.

Firearm Classes for Experienced Shooters

Just because you’re an experienced firearm owner doesn’t mean you can’t get better. Everyone wants to shoot more accurately, whether at the range or in the field. It’s also important to learn how to use your gun defensively, just in case a dangerous situation arises.

If you’ve been around guns for a while but want to become a more skillful shooter, consider one of our continuing education classes. In these classes you must already understand basic shooting and safety skills.

Shooting accuracy: When you want to improve your shooting accuracy, consider our * Intermediate Handgun class, which offers both classroom and range time to help you perfect your targeting skills. It covers, how to change your magazine quickly, how to clear jams and understanding the different kinds of misfires. Plus, there’s our *Get on Target course, which focuses on the five basic elements of shooting to help you become more proficient and accurate with your shot placement.

Self-defense: Many people buy handguns for self-defense, either in the home or when you’re out in public. That’s why we offer several different defensive shooting classes. When you want to develop the skills necessary to defend against home robberies and home invasions, consider our *Protection in the Home with a Handgun. Female gun owners will appreciate our *Self-Defense for Women – By Women class, which teaches how to defend and protect yourself and your handguns. Our three Defensive *Pistol classes are even more advanced, teaching proper holster techniques, how to engage multiple targets, and how to employ cover and concealment methods. And of course Smokin Gun Worx offers *Conceal Carry and *Conceal Carry Renewal. Finally, everyone can use our state-of-the-art TI Training Simulator to learn how to defend against all forms of virtual attacks. It’s fun – and useful!

  • Conceal carry. – If you want to carry a concealed firearm in public, you need the proper training. Our two-day conceal carry class teaches you how Conceal Carry works in Illinois and demonstrates basic firearm safety rules and proper shooting techniques. You end up on the shooting range, qualifying for your Conceal carry license.
  • Hunting. – Hunting is different from all other types of gun use. Our 16 hour Hunter Safety Class teaches you how to hunt safely, abide by all necessary laws, and become a better hunter. Best of all it’s FREE.
  • Leagues – whether you want to join a league or come for fun Smokin Gun Worx can satisfy your firearm needs. They have men and women’s shooting leagues that meet regularly. Education and safety is always a must.
  • Events -This is a great place to have a bachelor party, birthday parties or business get together. Check into the Date Night or Date Lunch. Shooters come in for a catered meal in our banquet room and then enjoy an hour of shooting on the range. 

Shoot Safely and Responsibly

Smokin Gun Worx is a firearms store and firearm training center serving Forreston and Northern IL. Call us at 815-938-3006 or email us at smokingunworx@gmail.com to learn more. 

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