​What Is Use of Force Simulator Training?

Training that can help you remain safe and hopefully out of prison

As a concealed carry holder, it is critical to know HOW to shoot.
It is even more important to know WHEN to shoot.


What is the purpose of civilian ‘Personal Defense Awareness’ (‘Use of Force Training’) at Smokin Gun Worx?

Use-of-Force Training at Smokin Gun Worx (aka ‘Personal Defense Awareness’) is designed to help you make more tactically-sound and legally-appropriate decisions against threats – deadly or otherwise.

How does the simulator work?

Using a TI Training Simulator, dangerous interactive situations are projected onto a large screen, which you need to engage and resolve in real-time. You become part of the virtual scenario by observing, interacting, and engaging with people on the screen.

This includes attempts to verbally de-escalate or avoid the threat, or physically engage using our laser pistol. The instructor, based on your actions, can also decide whether the threat will comply, leave, or attack.

The Simulator will then show, during replay, when and where your shots hit and determines whether you successfully stopped deadly threats in time. After each scenario, you will also explain what you saw, why you did what you did, and why it was justified using Illinois Use of Force language (which we cover in class).

Why is ‘Personal Defense Awareness’ important?

You will walk away having experienced and legally responded to multiple violent encounters. These virtual experiences will enhance your ability to make faster and more appropriate real-life decisions, becoming more effective at avoiding, deescalating, or stopping threats, as well as minimizing your legal exposure.

In short, you will be better prepared to keep yourself safe and be better protected from conviction.

Deane Marrs

Deane Marrs

NRA & IL Concealed Carry Instructor

Deane Marrs is an instructor at Smokin Gun Worx, located in Forreston, IL, offering concealed carry, use of force, and pistol defense courses. He is an IL Concealed Carry Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer, IL law enforcement firearm instructor, and has 10 years of prior law enforcement experience. He also maintains a social media presence as Marrs Tactical Solutions (‘MTS’)

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