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Medical Forms now required for Gun License

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Medical forms will now be required for Gun Licenses in the U.K., not the USA yet, but what seems to happen across the pond could find its way here.

The U.K. already has some of the toughest gun laws in the world and with this proposal obtaining a gun license will become even more difficult.

Currently British subjects can only own a firearm if they are licensed. Starting on November 1st applications will include a review by authorities of medical information from a registered doctor covering past and current mental health, neurological conditions, and substance abuse.

The new rules will increase the 15-page application for a firearm or shotgun certificate to over 21 pages.

Doctors seem to have no problem with the new rules as a representative of their association stated, “As doctors we support the government’s overall message (that gun ownership is a privilege and not a right) and that firearms must be in the hands of only those who are deemed safe and responsible.”

The new rules will allow police to ask and applicant’s doctor to place and encoded reminder on the patient’s records to indicate they have a firearm or shotgun certificate and require the doctors to inform authorities if the patient was diagnosed with or treated for any medical condition on the government’s list of medical conditions.

According to records as of March 2020 there were 159,483 individual firearm certificates covering rifles, sound moderators and muzzle loading handguns as well as 567,358 shotgun certificates issued in England and Wales. Certificates are issued by the police and are valid for 5 years. Magazine capacity is limited to no more than two rounds. Most certificate holders carry several guns on their license with over 600k firearms and 1.3 million shotguns listed. There is no minimum age to hold a shotgun certificate, but individuals must be at least 13 years old to apply for a firearm certificate.

Meanwhile back in the USA all eyes are on Virginia in the governor’s race. While this race has politicos eyeing it as a benchmark for next year’s midterm races there are also big implications for gun owners.

Anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg has injected $1.8 million dollars into the campaign of former Governor Terry McAuliffe and as usual Bloomberg expects payback in the form of more anti-gun legislation.

McAuliffe has made his position on guns clear on his campaign website, where he says he will “boldly confront the gun violence epidemic. He also wants to ban the sale of assault weapons, close loopholes, and treat gun violence as a Public Health Epidemic.”

Meanwhile his opponent Glenn Youngkin has publicly stated that not only is he a gun owner but he promised to protect the right to keep and bear arms.

While McAuliffe has led in the polls for months, latest polls suggest the race is a dead heat.

Voting will take place on November 2nd and it will be an interesting and important race to watch.

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For the Gun Doctor I’m Tim Bivins

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