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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about a variety of semi-autos but this week we take a look at three new revolvers by Uberti.

For 2022, Uberti offers select El Patrón and Cattleman Brass single-action revolvers chambered for 9mm Luger cartridge. These revolvers headspace at the cartridge mouth without the need for moon clips, allowing cartridges to be loaded individually into the cylinder and ejected in the regular fashion.

In addition to offering single-action revolver fans another cartridge option, these 9mm models provide expanded range opportunities. With 9mm ammunition being readily available and at a generally lower price than many of the other traditional handgun cartridges, shooters will find it easier to spend more practice time on the range without blowing their budget.

Available in March 2022, the Uberti 9mm Luger revolvers include the 1873 El Patrón 1873 Cattleman Brass and the 1873 Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder.

1873 El Patron 9mm– Presented with checkered walnut grips, case-hardened frame, 5.5-inch blued barrel, numbered cylinder, and EasyView sights, the El Patrón has the classic profile of the Old West SAA revolvers. MSRP $729.

1873 Cattleman Brass 9mm sets the standard for the style and performance of the modern-era single-action shooter. The 1873 Cattleman Brass blends a sleek walnut grip, case-hardened frame, and blued steel barrel and cylinder with brass backstrap and trigger guard. MSRP $599.

1873 Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder delivers the same performance and standout features as the 1873 Cattleman Brass 9mm, the 1873 Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder ups the ante with two included cylinders—one chambered in 9mm Luger and the other in .357 Magnum. MSRP $749.

Each Uberti gun is hand-fitted and adjusted from the factory to ensure precision performance right out of the box. All Uberti firearms are protected with a 5-year warranty and are serviced in the USA by factory-trained Uberti gunsmiths.

Under the heading “In Case you Missed This”  A three-judge panel of the  U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled last month that an order closing gun stores and shooting ranges in Los Angeles and Ventura counties during the early part of the Covid pandemic was unconstitutional.

The lawsuit, McDougall v. Ventura County, was supported by several pro-gun organizations, including Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association, after the shutdown order was made back in 2020. At that time, a district court ruled that the forced closure of gun stores, ammunition shops and firing ranges didn’t violate the plaintiff’s constitutional rights.

However, the 9th Circuit didn’t agree, instead finding that the closure did violate law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms since buyers can only buy guns by going in person to gun retailers.

Writing for the court, Judge Lawrence VanDyke said that “… there is no reason that the loss of Second Amendment freedoms even for ‘minimal periods of time’ would not likewise constitute irreparable injury. This is especially true in the Second Amendment context, where the need for armed protection in self-defense can arise at a moments’ notice and without warning. People don’t plan to be robbed in their homes in the dead of night or to be assaulted while walking through city streets. It is in these unexpected and sudden moments of attack that the Second Amendments’ rights to keep and bear arms becomes most acute.”

VanDyke also expressed displeasure in the way the closure was handled for gun shops compared to other types of businesses.

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