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We reported last week that the Virginia race for Governor would be one to watch and had big implications on second amendment rights. In an upset victory Glenn Youngkin, a republican, defeated the anti-gun democrat Terry McAuliffe. Equally as impressive was the race for Lieutenant Governor.

Winsome Sears not only had a 100% pro-second amendment record when she served in the state’s legislature, but she also served as a United States Marine. A campaign sign shows her holding an AR, and the text says, “Battle tested Conservative Semper Fi”. So a double victory for all those who support the second amendment.

An August article in NRA’s American Rifleman, said that figures coming out of Indiana, which eliminated the fee for handgun permits on July 1, indicate price is a serious hurdle for many residents eager to exercise their Second Amendment rights to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones. According to an Indy Star report on July 8, during the first 7 days of the month there was a 10-fold increase in applications compared to 2019 figures. Eight thousand came in the first day alone.

The July 1 change removed the previous $30 price for the five-year concealed carry version of the handgun permit. The state’s total volume figures aren’t exclusively self-defense associated, however. Hunters who want to go a field with a handgun must also get the permit, although a state spokesman told the newspaper they accounted for only a third of those received during that week. Applicants, as before, are still required to undergo a background check and pay a $13 processing fee for the mandatory fingerprinting.

Applications can only be submitted through the state website, and Indiana State Police told the newspaper that volume on that web page is causing intermittent delays in its response.

Applicants can schedule appointments for fingerprinting and background check completion on the website. Lifetime carry permits remain available in Indiana at a cost of $125.

Prior to the fee change, sportsmen who only hunt or target shoot with their handgun paid $15 for their version of the state’s handgun permit.

Having just traveled through Indiana this is good news for gun dealers. I lost count of the number of billboards that were advertising gun shops and shooting ranges.

Springfield Armory recently introduced the new SA-35, a 9 mm handgun, which is based on one of the most legendary and world-famous handgun designs of all time. A modern take on the classic design from John Moses Browning’s original P-35, this new handgun from Springfield Armory pairs a wood and steel look with modern engineering enhancements.

The SA-35 is made in the USA and utilizes forged steel parts that are made to take a beating and last many lifetimes, while improved ergonomics and enhanced controls, as well as a factory tuned trigger, make this an iconic handgun in its own right. The handgun also comes with modern-style sights, an improved feed ramp design, and 15-round capacity.

The SA-35 comes with checkered walnut grips and a matte blued finish on a carbon steel frame. A white-dot front sight and Tactical Rack rear sight delivers optimal sight picture for improved accuracy and overall performance of the handgun.

The new SA-35 has an MSRP of $699.

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For the Gun Doctor, I’m Tim Bivins.

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